Complete Angle Driver
Complete Angle Driver with Keyless Drill Chuck /360度角度轉換器 手緊式鑽夾頭 /マルチコーナー キーレスドリルチャック
Capacity- Mount:
  • 360° Angle Driver 1/4" x9.5mm
  • Keytype Drill Chuck 1.0-10mm 3/8-24UNF
  • 360度角度轉換器(1/4" x9.5mm)
  • 手緊式鑽夾頭(1.0-10mm 3/8-24UNF)
  • Special angle head rotates a full 360 can convert any angle easily.
  • Tooth bite type housing easy locked in many positions.
  • High precision reinforced strong gear enhance durability and long life.
  • Excellent streamline small head design to fixing in confined spaces.
  • 特殊角度頭可旋轉360度,輕鬆轉換任何角度
  • 鋸齒咬合型外殼,易於固定任一角度
  • 高精密齒輪可提高耐用性,增加使用壽命
  • 流線型設計易於在狹窄的空間中使用