Right Angle Driver
Right Angle Driver with Quick Release/90度角度轉換器接快脫殼 /L型アングルドライバ カプラ式アダプター
Capacity- Mount:
  • Quick Release (Red)
  • 1/4“ x 9.5mm hex shank
  • 快脫接桿(紅色)
  • 六角柄(1/4" x9.5mm)
  • Angle Driver attachment allows to drill in tight corners or at awkward angles.
  • Fits hand, power drill, portable drill including drill bits, sanding and buffing attachment. 
  • Industrial lubricated spiral bevel gears enhance the tools performance in high accuracy and durable.
  • 可在直角處或棘手的角度處鑽孔
  • 適用手動工具、電動工具等,包括鑽頭,打磨和拋光
  • 360度旋轉把手提高工具性能的精度與耐用性